Maktab-e-Ahlebait-as — Level 3

Maktab-e-Ahlebait-as — Level 3

To serve the community in a more better and organized way, Alhamdulillah GIOT has started to create a Deeniyat course “Maktab-e-Ahlebait a.s“. A third book of this series level 3 course, for the age of 7-8 years in PDF format has been completed Alhamdulillah.

The book is available for download free of cost.

Chapters Included:

  1. Existence of God
  2. God is One
  3. Our Prophets
  4. Our last Prophet (ṣ.a.w.w.)
  5. Hazrat Ali (a.s)
  6. Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (s.a)
  7. Commands of Sharia
  8. Method of Ablution
  9. Prayer (Namaz)
  10. Fasting
  11. Holy war (Jehad)
  12. Eid-e-Qurban
  13. Ashura
  14. Honour of Parents
  15. Lies
  16. Sūrat Al-Qadr
  17. Ayat e Durood
  18. Ayat e Tatheer


You can enroll your children to learn Maktab-e-Ahlebait a.s online by experienced faculty including students of Najaf & Qum Seminaries.

Registration process is quite simple and interested people can get registered and started learning right away. Just contact us now:

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