Maktab-e-Ahlebait-as — Level 2

Maktab-e-Ahlebait-as — Level 2

To serve the community in a more better and organized way, Alhamdulillah GIOT has started to create a Deeniyat course “Maktab-e-Ahlebait a.s“. A second book of this series level 2 course, for the age of 6-7 years in PDF format has been completed Alhamdulillah.

The book is available for download free of cost.


  1. Tauheed
  2. Adal
  3. Nabuwwa
  4. Imamah
  5. Qiyamah
  6. Holy Books
  7. Our last Prophet (ṣ.a.w.w.)
  8. Good Student
  9. Cleanliness
  10. Poor-rate (Zakāh) and Khums
  11. Sūrat al-Hamd
  12. Sūrat al-Kawthar
  13. Tasbeehat-e-Arba’a


You can enroll your children to learn Maktab-e-Ahlebait a.s online by experienced faculty including students of Najaf & Qum Seminaries.

Registration process is quite simple and interested people can get registered and started learning right away. Just contact us now:

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