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Ramadan Course: 1-on-1 Online Classes for Kids.

Ramadan-ul-Mubarak: 1-on-1 Online Classes for Kids

We are delighted to announce our first-ever specially designed one-month online course for Ramadan. Enroll now and enhance your kid’s spiritual journey during this sacred month. The course covers various topics including fiqh, seerah, ethics, manners, beliefs, and memorization of selected duas and Quranic surahs. It is designed for boys…


Quran & Diniyat | Special Online Classes

In this blessed month of Rajab, GIOT is pleased to announce SPECIAL CLASSES for children of ages 5-10 years to learn Holy Quran and Maktab-e-Ahlebait (as) Diniyat. Professional teacher will teach children from all over the world via Zoom online group classes. The Diniyat includes: Shia Aqaid, Ikhlaqiyaat, Seerat-e-Masoomeen (AS), History, Fiqhi…

Maktab e Ahlebait AS Diniyat Online

$10 OFF For Maktab-e-Ahlebait (AS) Diniyat Online Course

On the blessed occasion of Lady Fatima Al-Zahra’s (SA) birthday, GIOT is pleased to announce $10 OFF on its online Maktab-e-Ahlebait Diniyat classes for kids of 4+ years. The Diniyat online classes include basic knowledge of: Shia Aqaid, Ikhlaqiyaat, Seerat-e-Masoomeen (AS), History, Basic Fiqhi Ahkaam Our professional male/female teachers will teach…