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Learn how to actually pronounce Quranic words and versus which is necessary to offer Namaz. Tajweed means “Improving,” or “to make something better.” Tajweed is a manner of beautifying the recitation of the Quran by reciting in a much slower manner than tarteel. Tarteel meas “Recitation.” The Arabic word for “slow, measured rhythmic tones” is tarteel. Tarteel is the term used to define the rules that explain how to recite the Quran in the way and manner that the Angel Jibraeel (Gabriel) a.s. conveyed to our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.w).

While praying (namaz), we recite with TARTEEL, not TAJWEED. Tajweed is a form of recitation in which the rules of TARTEEL are used.

  • The course covers pronunciation characteristics of letters and proper stopping and starting rules.
  • Make you able to read the Holy Quran with the sense of complete understanding the rules of Tarteel.
  • You will be able to read with confidence without mistakes and errors.

Salient Features:

  • 1-on-1 online classes
  • Group classes are also available with special discount
  • Lady teachers for female students
  • Free trial class
  • Classes can be held in English language for English spoken students.
  • No age limits
  • Time and days based are of your choice.

For queries and registration:

Registration process is quite simple and interested people can get registered and start learning right away. Just Whatsapp us at +92(331)2461426 or fill-in the form below:

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