Winter Offer — Quran & Diniyat in USD50/m


GIOT is pleased to announce its Winter Offer in which you/your child(ren) can learn Holy Quran with Diniyat in a single course which includes:

  1. Quran
  2. Aqaaid
  3. Seerat-e-Masoomeen a.s
  4. Tareekh
  5. Ikhlaqiyaat
  6. Ahkaam

The Diniyat course will be based on the age/level of the student. For children we have designed Maktab-e-Ahlebait a.s Diniyat course which is available for free download in PDF format from our website.

وَإِذا قَرَأتَ القُرآنَ جَعَلنا بَينَكَ وَبَينَ الَّذينَ لا يُؤمِنونَ بِالآخِرَةِ حِجابًا مَستورًا
AL-ISRĀʾ (الإسراء) – Ayah: 45

When you recite the Qurʾān, We draw between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter a hidden curtain.

.اور جب تم قرآن پڑھتے ہو تو ہم تمہارے اور آخرت پر ایمان نہ رکھنے والوں کے درمیان حجاب قائم کردیتے ہیں

The most exciting thing in this Winter Offer is that in the same course you can learn/improve your/your child(ren)’s Quran with our 1-on-1 Skype/online classes for all age groups worldwide round the clock. Anyone from anywhere can register and start learning right away with no age restrictions. Our faculty is highly professional and qualified which also includes the students of Holy Najaf and Holy Qum seminaries.

The Winter Offer costs only USD 50/month.

Salient Features:

  • Free trial class
  • 5 days per week with 30 minutes each class
  • Your convenient time
  • No age limits
  • Highly professional and qualified teachers
  • 1-on-1 Skype/online classes
  • Group classes are also available with special discount
  • Lady teachers for female students

No hidden or admission charges, just fill-out the form below, get your free trial and start right away.

Don’t miss this Winter Offer and get registered and started right away:

Registration process is quite simple and interested people can get registered and start learning right away. Just Whatsapp us at +92(331)2461426 or fill-in the form below: